I am so very sorry for your loss. Carlos was truly one of the kindest and best.

Dear Annette, Carlos Jr., Jason, Brenda, Maria and Carlos’s parents & other family members. I don’t know if you remember me, but I was a close friend of your dear Carlos many years ago and we all met each other and spent time together then. Although Carlos and I had gone our separate ways and ultimately lost touch, I always remembered and appreciated his special brand of kindness, laughter, silliness and love for his family and for life… and I wanted to share that with you. I feel sad that, although I had been looking for him online from time to time, just to say a friendly hello and see how he was doing, I never found him until now. But I hope he – and all of you – know that he holds a warm place in my heart – and that you do too. Hugs. Ria

Family on earth, angels in Heaven

There is no way to put it except, Carlos was one of the good guys. He brought a smile to anyone he was around. Growing up Carlos and my father weren’t just family, they were friends. If they weren’t at a computer show, they would be at the house talking computer jargon that they only understood. Carlos assisted me in my choice of college and helped me out whenever I had registering issues. Even though we shall all miss him dearly, it brings me peace in knowing that he is reunited with members of our family that we have said goodbye to already.

U R my Best

Carlos, you were my best friend. I have lots of funny moments with you that I will always cherish. I will miss you dearly. May you check in on all your good friends and family before you go do that heavenly new job of yours.

In memory of my brother

The pics capture a side of him that we’ll always remember. From his uncanny humor to his love for his family.